Margarita_taken by Barb, Sept.2014


Thank you for joining me here. My name is Margarita Hueniken and I may be adding more to this ‘about’ page as I navigate myself back into the world of blogging.

The years since I last wrote for this blog represent an unexpected and necessary ‘time out’ with a deep commitment to healing, growth and personal triumph.Though I had posted my journey of this time on a related website, I have since deleted it.

I have chosen to let go of my stories and now choose to begin the year and new season with a fresh approach. It’s about a renewed intent to begin each day from a clean slate. Living from one’s future, rather than from one’s past, is a day to day conscious commitment.

I look forward to reconnecting with readers as my new journey sparks renewed inspiration and leads me back to the world of writing publicly.

If you have landed on this page, I wish for you as well, a renewed sense of hope, energy and vision. May you be infinitely blessed in ways that will inspire and delight you, throughout the year.

Your caring feedback, personal inspirations and comments are welcome. Feel free to message me via the contact form below:

warmest regards,




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Margarita, congratulations on your new blog, happy to see you are spreading the word and lightness of being, blessings Dawn

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