You already are ALL that you dream yourself to be.

What if there isn’t any such thing as “not good enough”?

What if you are already complete, perfect, healthy, whole and far more than good enough?

What if you and everything about your current experience does not need fixing? What if all you really need is to simply allow the reveal of the Great Divine You?

So, let’s take a pause and consider;  If YOU don’t believe this possibility, who will?

This is my starting point.  I have decided that it is my time to lay asunder all that has kept me ‘down and under’. I want to be my own best friend, cheerleader and awesome coach. I know that this is the bottom line to reaping the harvest of everything that has come before me; all the pain, guts and very little glory.

It’s my time and it’s your time too. It’s time to know all that you truly are. It is time to live your best life.

As I begin this fresh page on this new blog, I am choosing to overcome a monumental block I have had against writing, especially publicly. Though I was hiding behind the conviction that I had little or nothing to share, nor even wanted to, I realize that my fear is more likely about being exposed, judged and measured against “others”. Perhaps it is the feeling of inadequacy which has been my captor. Stepping out of one’s box is a challenging venture, so I have been taking micro-steps. This very moment, it is culminating as my first tentative steps into the world of blogging. Countless brave souls have gone before me. I’m finally jumping in.

In recent years I have been living an unconventional life by necessity and coming to terms with the fact that I have been a quiet version of an unconventional person. The good thing about this is that the years have forced me to re-define my self-worth, apart from conventional social standards, and connect with my intrinsic self-worth; the value of who I am well beyond the visible or measurable.

“Dare to be boldly self-accepting, celebrate your gifts and embrace the unique in You” is my new paradigm of choice.

I invite you to begin this journey with me; a journey of the small and mundane, the quirky and unusual, the seemingly insignificant, or the wise and profound.

Let’s begin…

Let’s meet in the place where you and I are already, all that we dare to dream. It is here that beginnings and futures are created.