Twenty Years Later

The blog story included in this post is a reminder of my own personal journey and how a profound crisis can be the catalyst for profound change. Though two critical life-threatening emergencies had taken me out-of-body, I did not travel the tunnel or meet spirit in another realm during those events. Yet, my crisis did catalyze the changes described, over time.
I now trust completely in the sacred peace of non-physical life and know that my journey is to embody its peacefulness and joy, while alive in this lifetime.
This is the truth that all core spiritual teachings are meant to teach;
We are eternal beings and the state of unconditional love is our natural divine inheritance.

~ Margarita Hueniken



AngelicView:This story of an NDE (from accidental overdose of migraine medication) and reflection on how it changed her life is from an anonymous poster.

Twenty Years Later:

Memories of my Death and it’s effect on my Life

While sleeping I became aware that I was totally without pain. I realized I had never in my life been without some kind of physical discomfort. It was such an overpowering awareness. I couldn’t feel the migraine, or the bed beneath me, or the clothing on my body or even my head on the pillow.  It was such a relief.  At the same time I was overcome with peace, contentment, joy, happiness and love.  It all felt so incredibly wonderful. There is no way I can adequately explain to others how wonderful that felt, but I remember it clearly even though more than 20 years have passed since that day.


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