Goals, Dreams, Soul Contracts and Autumn Equinox.

big dreams

While tuning into a tele-session this week, hosted by Wendy Hart of The Procrastination Cure, I was reminded that we have now officially begun the 100 day count-down to the end of this year. The autumn equinox, on September 22nd, marks our change of season and begins the annual 100 day home-stretch to the end of this year. I’m left to ponder how most of this year has managed to slip through my fingers.

If you’re wondering how to stretch time for a home-run into your hopeful end-of-year desired goals, you’re not alone. For those of you who have already jumped the slow-mo-bump and are ‘off and running’, bravo!

In the northern hemisphere, as students and parents are getting into the full swing of the new school year, or those of us who have “been there, done that”, September represents a time to re-boot and re-launch. Do you remember your resolutions from the beginning of this year?  How did you do with your goals and dreams? Seasonal shifts create a universal momentum which prompt and support change. How would you like your life to change or be enhanced in the next 100 days?

September’s new distractions may have left you feeling somewhat disillusioned, as you look back and realize you have not materialized all that you had hoped for. Here’s a thought; what if this seasonal shift were about exploring a different way of moving forward? What if you were being prompted to notice and activate the many possibilities and potentials coming your way? How do you do this? Reflect honestly on your desires, beliefs and perceived obstacles and re-prioritize, re-focus and re-align.

Big dreams are often born out of an innate passion or the challenges that clarify your driving desires. Yet, when life seems to be spinning its wheels, and your dreams are faltering and derailing, you usually need to be reminded of the concept of your Greater Self. Your soul, your multi-dimensional being, is co-creating your life experiences.

We create soul contracts before entering a specific human incarnation. These contracts include the challenges that will be presented to us, in order for us to learn and earn our steps forward in our own growth and enlightenment process.


The people we attract into our lives, are those souls who have agreed to participate in our chosen dramas and assist us in completing our soul contracts. No amount of life-skill tools, even the law of attraction teachings, prevent our unique soul contracts from being set up for us. Yet, their management, their potential outcomes, and the lessons gained from these chosen experiences are based on freedom of choice.

Tools and self-awareness help us navigate and self-manage, yet challenges are like ‘initiations’ that we must pass in order to move into the next phase of our growth, purpose, soul-mission and achieve the grace required to fulfill our desires. These soul-contracts are not imposed challenges; they were chosen by your Higher Self and serve your greater evolution and soul-family mission.

If circumstances have left you disillusioned, it doesn’t serve you to perceive your disappointing results as failure. The soul doesn’t care about money, security, concepts of abundance, or social standards of success. Success to the soul is learning about love and applying self-love in the process of facing your challenges.

As you grow in self-acceptance and self-love, things ease.  You begin to embrace life ‘as is’ and use the moment-to-moment practice of acceptance to lessen suffering. In doing so, you are innately and actively embracing the state of grace which naturally guides you further toward the experience of living your dream desires and feeling your happiness.

The September/October months are an excellent time to elicit the support of coaches, mentors and support-services that can boost confidence, momentum, and help you end the year strong. With this in mind, I’ve perused the web for do-it-yourself approaches and found Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge. Consider it an inspiration lift-off to whatever you want to improve in your life, starting now. Like dominoes, one tiny action validates your intent and engages ripple effects beyond surface awareness.

Your personal happiness is so important for your health, your joy and vitality. The success of your relationships and the well-being of everyone around you depend on it. Though brave and bold actions are sometimes required, it’s the incremental, consistently applied micro-steps that create sustainable change and improved quality of life.

Whatever strategy you choose, support is often the critical factor to maintaining your momentum. What are your goals and inspirations? Share them here, start a Facebook event-page or ask someone close to you to be your weekly check-in person. Accountability and connection are keys to success.

Day 1 of 100 started on September 23rd. As we enjoy October’s brisk air and bright-lit days, let’s also embrace this year’s powerful Autumn Equinox in-coming energies and enjoy a great start to the New Season!



Whoever you think you are, You’re NOT; You’re so much more.


Think about it; most of who we think we are is the ego-based personality identity which is convinced that, “What I do; what I produce; what I have; how I compare to others, or not, is who I am.”

This reminds me of the stories we often hear and read about…the ones that inspire.The failure-turned-to-success stories; He was broke and now he’s a millionaire; She was at death’s door and now she teaches others how to heal their own dis-ease; He/She was abused, abandoned or rejected, stuck in a downward spiral and now inspires thousands with his/her inspirational service.

So at what point in each of these examples was the person a failure or success? At what point did the individual involved really know the truth of who they are? Against all odds, when they may have felt like a terrible failure in life and in the midst of their overwhelming or dis-empowering challenges, were they really a failure?  Of-course not!

Yet, remember, in the above examples, the answer is obvious when we’re shown the outcome. Sometimes the story is reversed; The millionaire turned broke…who finds his way back; The top athlete whose career is shattered by an injury and then re-defines and re-shapes his life. You get the picture.The moral of this story? Since we can’t fairly judge a person by where they are at in the journey of their life, then perhaps we should apply this to our own self-perceptions.

So let’s clarify; The Winner in you is always within you. It is you, though, who must be willing to reveal your Winner and your Success Story by choosing to believe, affirm and strengthen this truth with every-day conviction and choices.

Remember, whoever you think you are, you’re not. You are so much more!

No matter how grim things feel when you’re in the muck and disillusionment, you must remember that the feeling and realities around one’s assumptions about “failure” are often the experiences that precede major breakthroughs or begin the process of subtle day-to-day transformational shifts which lead toward significant life-course changes.

The motto to those facing tough times is “One day at a time.”  It is meant to focus us in present time and remove the shackles of our past, or fears about our future.

So, HA!  Time to kick off the judgment shoes, stop measuring, start acknowledging and step into the REAL you of limitless potential by being willing to see it BEFORE your life reveals your success story.

Where am I in this picture?  Let me tell you…I’m eating my words as I write them. I’m living my journey with a brave heart and the will of a mountain climber. I’m looking back at a train-wreck and forward towards a vision of on-going amazing improvements, changes, delights and successes.

I truly believe I’m lucky to be alive, yet luck had little to do with it. It was a tough-ass decision every day to overcome great odds with all the determination and compassion I could muster, and some days, it still is.

My story has had a lot to teach me. For most of my life I was stuck in the hell of not knowing anything about what I have just written. Then there was the time of thinking I was wise and clever, but that was before the “shift hit the fan”.  Life slapped me down every time I thought I had it figured out. I had to dig deep and it forced me to re-think every belief I held.

Yet, it is the collective experiences of my past, which could have left me stuck in the experience of struggle and failure, that have been my fodder for growth and have presented me with endless opportunity to find, create and affirm the Winner in me.

My story continues and so does everyone else’s. Which YOU or NOT YOU do you want to affirm and create?  It’s your choice.

Choose wisely every day. You’re worth it.

I’ll be there cheering you on…

How you see yourself