Feeling Like You’re In A Jam?

Have you been experiencing yourself in a holding pattern recently? If so, join the club;  we are receiving intervention.  This month is receiving an influx of considerable energies that are meant to burn up old patterns to assist positive change and flip the re-set button for humanity and you.

If you’re feeling  your own resistance to what is bubbling up in your psyche, your addictive behaviour, or your feelings…and you wish you had the energy to push it all aside and “get on with it already”, then take a pause. It’s time to allow yourself to be present to what is showing up. Take a breath, as you’re not going to be there forever. Just surrender to what’s in-front of you.

Given my own resistance patterns, I’m discovering that it is only surrender to “what is” that summons the grace to you and provides the relief you’re asking for.

Allow grace to come to you. Release the control that it must come to you in prescribed and specific ways.

Consider the possible awareness that self-judgment and the fears of having to change and experience more uncertainty is part of the resistance that keeps you stuck.

It’s O.K. to be uncertain. Change IS uncertainty and this easily leaves us feeling unsafe.  Change is also a new opportunity and  represents expanded potentials; more than you can imagine.  While uncertainty creates resistance and avoidance behaviors, your positive vision creates the energies to overcome them. Though a fearful voice may be whispering in your ear to maintain the status-quo, stay small and withdraw to stay “safe”; this will only drive you deeper into sadness or stuck-ness. Let me remind you, that what is real for ALL of us is that we never actually have it “all together”, so let us not allow it to be a reason to hold onto our limitations.

Letting go of perfectionism can be incredibly freeing. Admitting your “mess” and allowing yourself a huge breath of self-acceptance is likely exactly what is needed to dissolve resistance and carry you onward.

I have been feeling lately like I need divine intervention. Perhaps I’m having trouble facing my own truth, or believing it, so for the first time in too long, I’ve been seeking external support. It took effort to admit that I needed help; that I didn’t want to “go it alone” anymore. Though something is telling me that I must be able to look my life square in the face to summon my own power back, another wisdom is reminding me that where I need to keep my focus is not on the things most troubling me, but on the things that bring me most relief. Positive expectation combined with small daily acts of uplifting self-care of any kind can be enough to carry one forward.

These words, by Lauren Gorgo, supported me recently. Perhaps they’ll help you;

“It’s being shown to me that all these immense energies for physical manifestation are coming together like a perfect storm, bringing many exacting elements into play at once. If we’re present to the process, we can already see these energies swirling around us, moving things into place, even though we are sitting still…albeit on the edge of our seats wondering HOW these things will be brought to fruition.

As always, the HOW is none of our business. Even if we are teetering on the edge…and most of us are…we just need to make be-lieve for a moment longer that our dreams are real and allow these tremendously creative forces to guide us into (inspired) action while remembering that endings and beginnings are always simultaneous happenings.  The pressure is always greatest right before the breakthrough and I don’t think any of us can deny that the pressure is unmerciful. This is make-or-break time, and every single one of us is experiencing at least one area of our lives that simply cannot continue to exist as-is.

That said, and though I know I am preaching to the choir when I say this, but there is no use trying to DO anything that isn’t ready to be done, we can’t make anything happen here…we can only will (read: allow) our desires into being. We move when moved…period.  We know by now that all effort is ignorance and that if we move ourselves into (forced) action instead of allowing ourselves to be moved into (inspired) action, we risk the consequence of another round of karmic (mis)creation.  uh-uh.  No can do.”

Let the energies of May allow your perfect storm to lift you out of a past that no longer serves you, cleanse away your up-rooted turmoil, and EASE you through whatever resistance is still holding you back. Let trust carry you, with grace, to a new level of calm. Let yourself be supported…first by you…and then by all that surrounds you.

This starts with the simplicity of surrender. Take lots of deep breaths and allow each moment to guide you into the next. It may not always feel like an enjoyable ride, but no matter what it looks like from your vantage point; we’re all  in it together. Share the ride with a little comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Re-defining, re-calibrating, renewing who you are, after-all, is a work in progress. Let this month be your artist’s palate and each day be a fresh approach of colour,  texture and lightness on the co-created canvas of your day. Most importantly, remember that you are a CREATOR, so enjoy your creativity!