No Fools this April

Today is Wednesday, the “hump-day” of our week and the 10th of the month; the numerical beginning of a new cycle. So, it is by no accident that my words today are meant to help you think about what small or large hurdle you still have lingering in your life which you want to overcome or move onward from.

This is a brief yet true story. An attractive young woman in my neighborhood, where I once lived, had set out to visit her boyfriend as she had many times before. That day, her mother did not notice the tension in her daughter’s voice and as her daughter waved goodbye, she casually nodded an approval and continued with her distracting task. This young woman never returned. The mystery of her loss haunted our neighborhood for months, even  years. Clearly, her mother’s life has never been the same.

Why am I sharing such a grim story? Well…hold on…

This story is a profound wake-up-call metaphor for the kind of life events we each experience throughout the journey of our individual lives. Small or large, intensely dramatic, or subtle yet pivotal, these are critical moments in time when the entire course of our individual or collective lives are forever shifted.

These pivotal events, which may occur entirely “out of the blue” may have their root cause so deeply hidden from conscious awareness that we may never realize how our own soul co-created it and put it in our path from which to learn and grow our greatest lessons. It is the experience of coming to terms with our past or current challenges that is a uniquely powerful force.  It has the power to lead us into a journey of self-discovery and unfold new awareness and truths.

If Wednesday is the hump-day of our week, then April is the hump-month of our year.  It is meant to get us over a hurdle. The post-Easter theme of resurrection is a reminder of this. The energies of April are coaxing us toward a breakthrough; to overcome past patterns, heal our ills and take flight from areas of unforgiveness or being stuck.  April beckons us to clarify our vision as we step into the spring season of new growth and embrace what we truly want to experience.

If you have something you need to release and be free of, now is the time. This month fully supports you.  If you have a vision, project or new goal that you want to begin and achieve, now is the time to take charge and begin it.  If you have been holding off doing something just for the fun of it, now is the time to plan it into your calendar.  Adding a little fun to your daily tasks and rituals makes this month’s hurdles easier to stride.  Catch the creative energy of April and let it uplift you.

A big push may be required to overcome your own resistance, and if this is so, the best way to move a mountain is by natural erosion.  By choosing one single achievable micro-step; one tiny gesture that is super simple, super-easy and entirely do-able, it becomes the entry-point for moving  your energy from intent into action.

Life is too short to be too serious about “achieving”. When you include the fun side of YOU into your daily activities, watch what happens. Drab becomes droll in a split-second when you follow a task with any kind of victory gesture. Acknowledge and reward yourself in the moment. Adding fun is the key.

The more consistently you make accomplishment fun, the easier it gets, and your “mountain” then erodes into a sandy, sunny beach. After-all, joyfulness, in its simplest expressions is the ultimate marker of a quality, happy life. It is the healthiest lubricant for the grind of daily life.

This month of April is your launch-month for your vision. Don’t waste another minute; climb onto the launch-pad!  It’s time to jump into the freedom of your NEW YOU. Let it start with a gesture of self-acknowledgement. You deserve it.